My Hair Is Laid Like NeNe Leakes…

Ever feel like you just needed a fresh change? Well, I get that feeling all the time. I guess it’s just a part of my adventurous spirit! 🙂

According to my mom, I follow the same pattern each year. During the summer, I go super long and big with my hair. On the contrary, during the winter months I go short – like way short.

Just to give you a visual. Check out this photo of me taken around March 2013 just before heading over to brunch at my Aunt and Uncle’s home in Connecticut.


Now take a look at my new much shorted coif (pictured below).


I love the use of color and no it’s not all 100% mine, but then when you think of it, it really is because I always hold on to my receipts. 🙂

Anyhoo, this particular style reminds me all that sass that the fabulous NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is giving with her previous look. Don’t get me wrong. I love all sorts of styles. But there is just something about a woman with a sharp cut that brings life to any situation. I just love it!!!!

Anyway, I’ll provide a link and details of my short look below.


Sensational Fringe @ Sensationnel:  (web)

Sensational Fringe @ Hair Sisters – (web)

Sensational Fringe @ Sam’s Beauty – (web)


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